Sunday, 12 May 2013

Velvet Season

I won't begin to explain my absence of nearly 3 years but from now I promise to try and keep this blog updated as regularly as time allows. Just a quick message to all the funky people with an open mind (and ear), that Gerry Rooney and myself alias 'Velvet Season & the Hearts of Gold' have just sent our 3 new releases off to be manufactured. they should return in a month or so. Watch this space. We are also close to completing a remix for the mighty 'Gold Channel' record label. No idea when this will surface but knowing head honcho Phil South, it wont be long before it's included in a giant bumper pack of many fine promos that he regularly sends out into the universe. That's all for now Peace and Love to the World Joel xx

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Brazilian Blowout!

Currently sifting through the entire 'Far Out Records' catalogue in preparation for a new Quiet Village mix compilation of Brazilian bullets! A tad daunting to say the least...

Monday, 14 June 2010

Morning Thunder

I don't have many vices thesedays but one thing I can't be without on a daily basis is a decent cup of coffee. I'm pretty lucky that within 5 minutes walk of my home there is one of the best bean emporiums in London, 'Tina We Salute You' which over the last year has become my oasis away from the stress of the streets of Hackney. The staff are welcoming and friendly, the coffee is second to none AND if you have a sweet tooth like me, their homemade cake selection will send you into ecstatic gastric shock. My personal favourite is the plum and marzipan slice...

Searching around the net for coffee related images I stumbled across this excellent snap of Mr. A Pacino at NYC's legendary 'Cafe Reggio's' whose name was immortalized by composer Isaac Hayes on the original 'Shaft' soundtrack. Here is some jaw-droppingly boss footage in the studio during that album's recording session

Sunday, 13 June 2010

I'm so lazy

Has it really been so long since I updated this blog? Does anyone care? Well there are 8 of you now as compared to the 6 last time I looked so i may as well continue...

Altogether it's been a stellar weekend. Having not slept for 24 hours I ventured out early on Saturday morning to Dalston Waste on the hunt for gear, only to find a hipster already riffling thru a box of records and checking the titles on his i-phone for prices no doubt. This was 5am. This is how bad things have become. Nothing like the portable bible of everything at one's disposal. It can turn the novice into an expert with the flick of a finger. Walking away empty handed and exhausted I felt my inner-self calling me to leave town and try my luck elsewhere and away from the smoke. For once, it paid off and not only did I scoop a stack of musical corkers, I finally snagged one of these beauties. All good things come to those who wait ;-)

Now I've just returned from the NFT where they were screening a special 3D print of Hitchcock's masterful 'Dial M For Murder'. It was absolutely stunning to see this film on the big screen in all it's glory and especially with the action bursting right out at you. I've always loved Ray Milland (check out the Man with the X Ray Eyes), and the part of the scheming ex-tennis star could have been written for him. Who would have thought Grace Kelly could pull off such an impeccable English accent too? They certainly don't make em like that any more. Very experimental cinematography too. Quite reminiscent of 'Rope'...

Thursday, 10 December 2009


Johnny Chingas (Lasermagnetic) & DJ Alex (Voices Collective), two of London's longest standing disco and deep house promoters, join forces with Pearl Flash and Deepfrequency to bring you a New Year's Eve extravaganza. The event will be taking place at 'The East Room' members bar and Sosho over three floors in Shoreditch (East London). We will bring together iconic and cutting edge artists, careful programming, good sound, a diverse dance floor and crowd on each level, so there's something in there for everyone. Musically speaking, there will be Cosmic, Afro Funky, Italo, Euro and NYC Disco, Club Classics, Reggae, Rock & Eastern influenced sounds with a good measure of electronic music thrown in.

Line-up /
Daniele Baldelli (Baia del Angeli / Cosmic Club)
Casco (‘Cybernetic Love'/Italo Disco Pioneer)
Gerry Rooney (Black Cock Records)
Joel Martin (Quiet Village)
DJ Alex (Voices)
Johnny Chingas (Lasermagnetic/Spacemachine)
Pearlflash DJs (Fred Gazebo, Dj Casey, Bergas)
Deepfrequency DJs (Simon Halpin & Guillaume Chottin)

Tkts can be purchased here...

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Morning Music

A great way to start the day...

Monday, 12 October 2009

one man & his bike

Big props to Marc for taking this photo today on the Southbank...

Meal deal? :-)